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Good food to take home

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Spit-roasted chicken

* We recommend that you order in advance.

Spit-roasted chicken made with a secret Kan Kilis receipt for nearly 50 years. The chicken is cleaned, seasoned and then marinated for 24 hours and slow roasted to bring out its full flavour and the unmistakable taste of our homemade chicken. Since good things take time, we recommend you order in advance.

silla mesa kan Kilis
canelones Kan Kilis


* We recommend that you order in advance

The Kan Kilis cannelloni have long been a top seller. What began an extra dish to offer along with the chicken has become another star product. The secret is the roast, made with meat from L’Empordà, combined with a slow-cooked bechamel sauce and the perfect amount of cheese. Our cannelloni can be bought warmed up and ready-to-eat or cold to take home and enjoy anytime.

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croquetas Kan Kilis


These tasty croquettes are perfect for an appetizer, side dish or a meal in and of itself. Try Kan Kilis ham or seafood croquettes and we guarantee you’ll be back for more!

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patatas fritas Kan Kilis


There’s no better side dish for our chicken than our chips. We make them at the moment of ordering with top-quality oil for a healthier option with authentic taste and texture. Try one…you won’t be able to stop!

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Calamares Kan Kilis

Fried Calamari

Fried calamari are the appetizer par excellence on the coast. Fried in the best oil, these calamari will whet your appetite before a good meal.

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Botifarra Kan Kilis

Botifarres (sausages)

Preparing the botifarres in the same oil as the chicken seals in the flavour of the juices from the marinade, cooking the sausages to perfection for you to take home and enjoy.

silla mesa kan Kilis
Allioli Kan Kilis

Allioli (garlic mayonnaise)

The house favourite. Made with nothing else but the best garlic in the region and rich olive oil because that’s all a good allioli needs: good garlic and good oil expertly blended for a smooth and creamy texture.

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